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Jacki Beard lost 10 stone 7 lbs with this service

What made you decide to lose weight?

Pure desperation really as having managed to lose four and a half stone on my own since the end of 2007 (after reaching my heaviest ever weight), in a couple of years I had put back on two and a half stone of that and food was taking control of me again. Coupled with a bad back injury as well, which was causing me a lot of pain, I really needed to do something to lose weight or end up back where I started.

Why did you choose to join this site?

I looked into lots of diets on the internet as I needed to do something different to all the others I had tried (and failed) in the past. This service caught my eye - I liked the idea of recording what I ate and drank into an online Food Diary giving me the flexibility to decide what I wanted to eat.

Have you tried any other diets and how did you get on?

I have tried all the well-known diets over the years and a few lesser-known ones as well. The first diet I ever went on was when I was 13 years old - it wasn't a very good idea as it was restrictive and food just became an all-consuming issue to me. Slimming World was the most successful diet I ever did in the late 90's, but in the end all it really taught me was to eat ever-increasing portion sizes of "free food".

How did you feel about yourself / your health before you started losing weight?

I realise now just how low I felt and just how difficult some tasks, that most people take for granted, were to do. Especially coupled with the back injury I had been suffering from since 2007 - just to bend over to tie my shoe laces was a huge effort.

What has kept you going and focused?

The online Forum - I truly believe that participating on it is the key to the success of the diet. You get so much support and encouragement from the other members whenever you need it that without the Forum, I really don't think I would have made it this far. I also think the fact that I don't have any banned foods has meant that I haven't found the diet restrictive and therefore resented it - I now have treat size chocolate rather than a large bar-or-two or three - and I have actually found myself enjoying the whole experience.

What are the biggest changes you've made?

One of the biggest changes is my attitude to food - I honestly believe that I have taken back control and I no longer pig out on rubbish food when I get back from work each day (lbs lost have meant £'s saved) or eat the huge portions I used to. I have also introduced exercise into my life and love to get out and about on my bike without worrying whether my bum looks huge from behind!!

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