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What are your top tips for staying on track with your diet?

Be patient - you didn't put the weight on overnight and it won't come off that quickly either. I learnt fairly early on that I wasn't going to lose 2-3 pounds each week and if I put on weight the odd week, it wasn't worth getting upset over because what I had lost overall was worth so much more than turning to food when the going got rough, like I used to. Try not to view any food as bad and that you have failed the diet if you eat them because that is the quickest way to do so. It’s all about moderation and factoring these foods into your daily calorie allowance. Most importantly participate on the Forum – we are a friendly bunch, all in the same boat and the support and encouragement you will get is invaluable.

How have your friends / family / partner reacted to the new you?

My family and friends are so proud of me (my mum carries around with her my before and current photos to show off to all her friends) and tell me that I am a totally different person to the one I was two years ago. It isn’t just my body shape that has changed, but my personality and confidence as well – all for the better.

If someone has a lot of weight to lose, what would your advice be?

Don’t look too far into the distance to your end target – break it down into manageable mini-targets, which are more achievable (mine were in blocks of 2 stones).

What difference has losing weight had on your life?

I am so much happier these days, and rather than avoiding looking in mirrors or having my photo taken, I now love it and have been known to stop and admire myself when I spot my reflection when out and about! My mobility is also so much more improved and whereas previously I would have had a bad setback with my back once or twice a year, I have not had one since starting the diet – a testament to the fact that I am not carrying another person around on it 24/7 anymore.

Do you have in mind something special you are going to do now you’ve lost weight?

Hmmm.... maybe now that I have so much more confidence in myself, perhaps I will meet that special man who is missing from my life and ride off into the sunset with him…..on a bicycle made for two of course!

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