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Karen Titmus lost 4 stone with Diet Plan

Karen Titmus is just one of our many success stories. She joined this service in January 2011 weighing 13 stone 8 pounds. By July she had reached her goal of losing 20% of her body weight and a year on she's looking and feeling fantastic at a very healthy 9 stone 8 pounds.

Despite trying many different diets over the years, Karen wasn't able to keep the weight off. It was during a hospital visit that she found the determination she needed "I underwent treatment for breast cancer and although I beat it, hearing the doctors tell me I was 'obese' was the final straw. Having my weight labelled like that gave me the kick start I needed to do something about it. That's when I came across this site. Unlike others I'd tried, this was online so there was always someone there for me. I could log-on at 3am and there'd be someone on the forum to talk to."

A year on the results are clear to see but it's not just about looking great. "I used have a low self esteem and was quite down on myself. Now I shaken off the negativity and have much more confidence. I've also got bags more energy these days that I barely recognise myself. I've even joined a gym and enjoy it!"

"People ask me when I'm coming off the diet but I don't see it as a diet, it's my new healthy lifestyle and it's here to stay."

"I used to live in shapeless black clothes. To me getting dressed was nothing more than a wrapper to hide behind and I couldn't see the point in making an effort. Now I have a whole wardrobe of bright colours and I'm wearing clothes I only ever used to dream of."

STOP PRESS! We caught up with Karen 6 months after reaching her goal to see how she's getting on maintaining her new weight.

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