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Linda McDougall lost 2 stone 5 lbs with this service

Linda McDougall's friends hardly recognise her since she signed up to this service - and she couldn't be happier about it.

Accountant Linda, 47, lives with her husband and two children in Southampton. She's been following our easy online diet programme for six months and has shrunk from 12st 5lb to a super-slim 10st. She says:

"I'd had enough of that creeping middle age spread but didn't fancy joining a club and getting weighted in public. I had also tried fad diets in the past which left me hungry and frustrated, so it was time to follow something sensible. The online diet sounded like the best solution!"

"I wanted this diet to be flexible so I opted for the Food Diary, which hallowed me to eat whatever I wanted within my daily calorie target. Although no foods are out of bounds, writing things down helped me to notice the high calories and high-fat choices I was making, and certainly made me think twice about what I was snacking on."

"My favourite thing about this site is the online forum where you can chat to other dieters and seek advice from fitness experts. The other dieters were so encouraging - we even held a virtual Come Dine With Me where everyone had to post a three-course menu for under 600 calories."

"Six months later I've achieved the new me I was hoping for. The reaction from my friends has been amazing. My hairdresser didn't even recognise me! And this photo shoot has inspired me to hit the shops. Summer here I come!"

STOP PRESS! We caught up with Linda 20 months after reaching her goal to see how she's getting on maintaining her new weight.

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