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STOP PRESS! (November '12)

We caught up with Linda 20 months after reaching her goal to see how sheís getting on maintaining her new weight.

How easy are you finding it to maintain your weight?

I was really strict to start with, allowing myself 1,500 and then 1,750 calories a day but following the same principles. Then I got a bit more relaxed and I have gone up a few pounds a couple of times. When I do, I go back to tracking everything I eat and cut out some of the extra snacks, which are the main cause for me.

How often do you weigh yourself? Do you still record this in your Weight?

I usually hop on the scales each Monday morning first thing, mainly to keep an eye on my weight. I donít record it, unless I am aiming to come down a few pounds

How much does your weight fluctuate by and what do you do if you've gained a few pounds?

The highest it has been in the last eighteen months is 4lbs above my target and the lowest about 4lbs below. If I gain a few pounds, I get stricter with my choices. I find it quite easy to follow the diet plan during the week. I love my porridge for breakfast, as it fills me up till lunch, then I have soup so I can have the family main meal for dinner. I love the feeling of fitting in my size 12 clothes so that helps me.

What are your 3 top tips for someone who has just hit their goal

  1. Take it slowly when you up your calorie count and stick to your healthy choices
  2. Enjoy yourself and balance out your calorie count across the week
  3. If you put on a few pounds, don't panic - just adjust back so you donít undo all the good work

How confident do you feel that you will be able to maintain your new weight for life?

I'm happy so far! I enjoy being lighter and able to wear what I want, so that is what I use to motivate myself. I like to be active, be it yoga, cycling or synchronised swimming, and stay fit.

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