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Diet Plans

Choose from the diet plans below. Each has been created to meet specific nutritional needs, while promoting healthy weight loss.

What is the Low GI Diet Plan?

High fibre, lower sugar foods with a low GI form the basis of this plan. It has been claimed that low GI foods take longer to break down in the body and release energy more slowly into the blood stream - helping to fill you up and stop you feeling hungry again too soon.

The plan is also fat-controlled and tasty too!

What are the benefits?

  • Based on foods that help to fill you up and minimise hunger.
  • Balanced diet with good range of foods and nutrients.
  • Plenty of choice to help you stay motivated.

Who Will it Suit?

The GI plan is for those who find other diets don't fill them up and find themselves reaching for snacks in between meals.

Sample Plan

GI Plan