Diet Plans

Choose from the diet plans below. Each has been created to meet specific nutritional needs, while promoting healthy weight loss.

What is the Summer Diet Plan?

This Plan makes the most of fresh, seasonal foods to help you lose weight! Fruit, salad and barbecue meals capture the summer mood and ensure you can enjoy alfresco eating without blowing your healthy eating intentions.

If you naturally find yourself seeking lighter eating (or tasting) foods when the weather warms up, this is the Plan for you. It includes recipes with a summery twist to get you in the mood for holidays in the sun!

The Diet Plan is calorie counted and nutritionally balanced to ensure you get your 5-a-day and a good balance of vitamins and minerals which is essential for feeling and looking great.

What are the benefits?

  • Based on fresh, seasonal foods.
  • An easy way to eat healthily with all the planning done for you.
  • Plenty of variety to give you a good balance of nutrients and food groups.

Who Will it Suit?

This Plan is for anyone wanting to improve their diet and achieve a short term weight loss goal ready for a special summer event, such as holiday or wedding. The structured eating guide makes it easy to stay on track, eat well and feel satisfied.

Sample Plan

Summer Diet Plan