Diet Plans

Choose from the diet plans below. Each has been created to meet specific nutritional needs, while promoting healthy weight loss.

What is the Health & Vitality Diet Plan?

It is a Diet Plan based on healthy eating recommendations as shown in the Eatwell Plate. All food groups are included to provide a good balance of nutrients in the right proportions.

We will help you achieve your '5 a day', keep your fat intake down, eat plenty of fibre and lose weight too!

What are the benefits?

  • A weight loss diet plan that balances all the key food groups.
  • Healthy range of vitamins and minerals to look and feel great.
  • Ideal to help you set healthy habits for life.

Who will it suit?

This Plan is for everyone, unless you have other specific dietary objectives that one of our other plans would fulfill better. It will help get your eating habits on track to a healthier you.

Sample Plan

Health & Vitality Diet Plan