Diet Plans

Choose from the diet plans below. Each has been created to meet specific nutritional needs, while promoting healthy weight loss.

What is the Higher Fibre Diet Plan?

This Plan shows you how easy and enjoyable it is to eat more fibre and lose weight! Fruit, vegetables and wholegrain cereals that are naturally rich in fibre have been selected to form the basis of this plan.

Most of us only manage around 12g fibre per day - nowhere near the recommended amount of 18g per day! This plan aims for 24g per day.

Fibre is important as it provides bulk to our foods (making us feel fuller). As it passes through our body, it keeps our digestive systems healthy and can help minimise some gut problems.

Nutrition Know How

What are the benefits?

  • Full of naturally high fibre foods.
  • Lots of variety and a balance of nutrients and food groups.
  • Based on foods that help to fill you up - it's a healthy satisfying way to lose weight.

Who Will it Suit?

This Plan is for anyone wanting to increase their fibre intake - with the added benefit of keeping you feeling fuller. It will also help to keep your digestive system healthy.

Sample Plan

Higher Fibre Diet Plan