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LIVE Club Weigh-in

  • An online club-style weekly weigh-in
  • See fellow members weigh-in and
    receive messages of support
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A virtual diet club
without leaving home

We have often heard it said "I only go to my slimming club to get weighed each week, I don't bother staying for the meeting!"

Stepping on the scales in front of someone else is undoubtedly a powerful motivator! And if that is what works for you, our LIVE Club Weigh-in is exactly what you need.

Step onto our virtual scales and share how you've done with fellow members who are also waiting to weigh-in. You'll start receiving 'Likes' and messages of encouragement - and in turn, you can support other members.

The best part is that you don't need to stick to an inconvenient fixed weekly meeting. Just decide when you wish to weigh-in, sign-in and go - all from the comfort of home.

How it works...

Your weekly weigh in is the most important day of the week and you have two choices. You can weigh-in privately and record your weight loss in your personal progress tracker. Or you can choose to use LIVE Club Weigh-in.

LIVE Club Weigh-in recreates the anticipation and social support of a traditional slimming club, only online. By weighing in at the same time as other members, you are 'reporting in' - in just the same way you would if you were attending a weekly club.

When you first weigh-in simply choose an Avatar or upload your picture and pick a nickname. Then join the animated queue for the unique Weigh-in experience.

Sharing your weekly success (and frustrations!) with a supportive group is really motivating.

Try a convenient and private way to lose weight, with all the support of a slimming class.

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Track body
measurements and
other goals

As important as your weight on the scales is, there are other measures of success that we encourage you to record.

Perhaps your goal is to fit back in a favourite pair of jeans or party outfit.

Our Progress Tracker lets you enter eight different measurements - including clothes size. We recommend you select a couple of body measures that are important to you and track these monthly.

All information is kept securely and you don't need to share if you prefer not to.