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Diet Plan Options

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All our Diet Plans are...

  • Easy to follow
  • Based on everyday foods
  • Use simple recipes
Health & Vitality Plan

Health & Vitality Plan

This plan will help you discover a healthy way of eating that will become part of your daily life and the basis of your ongoing diet once you have reached your goal. more

Feel Fuller Plan

Feel Fuller Plan

Aiming to feel full is a great way to stop snacking, and start losing weight. This plan helps you to feel fuller by cutting down on carbs and eating more protein. more

Higher Fibre Plan

Higher Fibre Plan

A plan with plenty of foods rich in fibre to increase your daily intake. Fibre helps to fill us up and regulate blood sugar levels, making this a satisfying way to lose weight. more

Vegetarian Plan

Vegetarian Plan

This plan combines a delicious range of fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy products and eggs to help you lose some weight whilst following your vegetarian diet. more

Healthy Heart Plan

Healthy Heart Plan

Designed for those interested in keeping their heart healthy, this plan can help you to reduce your intake of saturated fats and control your salt intake. more

Fat Reduction Plan

Reduced Fat Plan

Keeping an eye on fat intake is important for everyone, but if you are making a particular effort to reduce fat in your diet, this plan is for you. more

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