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Food Diary

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Need a break from your Diet Plan?
Stay on track with your Food Diary

Your Diet Plan suggests what to eat, but there may be days when you'd prefer to choose your own meals. Rather than going off plan, there's a Food Dairy included in your membership to give you more flexibility while still keeping track of calories.

The Food Diary can be used alongside a Diet Plan - just select meals from your plan and copy them into your Food Diary - then add extra food choices of your own. Or you may prefer to use the diary on its own and count calories instead.

It's really simple to use. Just find what you ate or drank in our food database of 180,000 UK products and add it to your diary. Stay within your personal calorie target to lose weight.

A Food Diary with photos

To make updating your Food Diary as easy as possible, we show photos of food so it's really quick to spot what you ate.

Our database has all the popular brands, as well as supermarket brands. If you can't find a product, just add it yourself and it will be saved in your personal food database. Search for it again and it will appear at the top of the results.

Help to break bad habits

To break the cycle of eating when you're bored or upset, use the 'Food Triggers' feature.

When you add a food to your diary you can tag it with an emotional or situational trigger. This helps identify unhelpful patterns. There are useful articles with practical tips to help you cope with the situation better next time.

It's possible to break bad eating habits.
We belive that knowledge is power!

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An Exercise Diary to boost weight loss

Seeing how many calories you burn when you exercise can be a real incentive to build more activity into your lifestyle. So you also have an Exercise Diary below your Food Diary to show the relationship between what you eat (energy in) and what you burn (energy out).

Our exercise database has calorie burn information for hundreds of different activities. And we're not talking exercises for the super fit - there are also WiiFit activities and fitness DVDs you can do at home.

Tip! Put your exercise plans in a diary and treat it like an appointment you can't break.

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